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Midi Paul is the alter ego of Edinburgh bassist/producer Phil McBride. Expect stuttering drums, spliced up disco, wobbly arpeggios and some computer funk. The debut EP ‘Old Future’ was released in the June 2019 on Precog records and featured guest contributions from Nikki Kent (Digital Jones/Nik Nak) and Katherine Aly (Lilac Melt).

It received play on BBC radio Scotland by Vic Galloway and was well received by the wider electronic music community.

On stage, the music evolves like a DJ set but in place of the turntables you will get live bass, dirty analogue synths and old school breakbeats. Check out recent footage from Edinburghs Hidden Door Festival here featuring drummer/percussionist extraordinaire Ben Collard and vocals from Th!nk and Katherine Aly.

David Martin (Hidden Door​)​ – ‘Midi Paul brings a new but confident and assured voice to the canon of excellent new electronica emerging in Scotland at the moment

AST AST (This Is Not Pop)​ ​– “It’s pure galactic melt on this strong first release from Precog Records and I for one am excited to see what’s next

The Skinny​ ​– “Do not miss

Midi Paul Online: Facebook // Instagram // Bandcamp