Music News :: Wee Dub Festival returns to Edinburgh

Edinburgh-based promoters of world class dub and reggae music are gearing up for their 10th edition in March 2020. Over the past few years, the Wee Dub Festival has become established as one of the finest and most-loved events of its kind in the UK and beyond, attracting the very best established and up-and-coming artists to the Capital each year for a unique celebration of reggae and soundsystem culture. The event attracts ticket-buyer from across the UK and from many European countries.

For their 10th year, Wee Dub have invited back to Edinburgh some of their favourite acts from the last decade with highlights being France’s top dub act O.B.F. joined by Spain’s hugely popular vocalist Sr. Wilson, while Glasgow’s Mungo’s Hi-Fi perform with Charlie P – who’s career has exploded in the time he has been coming to Wee Dub. Meanwhile, the legendary Notting Hill Carnival crew Channel One Soundsystem are back at Wee Dub after their iconic set in The Caves back in 2015.

Alongside these cult acts, we have some exciting new names making waves in the European and global soundsystem scene. Croatian wizard Egoless, Bristol’s Dutchie and London’s fast rising Adam Prescott all make debut appearances.

The festival will also see an expansion to some new venues. The flagship session with Mungo’s Hi-Fi Soundsystem moves to Potterow in order to accommodate demand, and for the first time Wee Dub sees a session in Leith, at the historic Old Dr. Bells Baths.

WDF20 Web Flyer JPEG

Wee Dub Festival would be nothing with the foundation of the music: the soundsystem. And Wee Dub will be amplified by the best systems in the country: Mungo’s Hi-Fi, Sinai Soundsystem, Messenger Soundsystem, Mighty Oak Sound, Crucial Roots Soundsystem, North Fire Sound and Mandala Soundsystem are all setting up for the weekend. Each has a different style and a different vibe, and across the 4 sessions ticket-buyer will experience the full range of the music and culture over the weekend.

Aside from these main dance-floor sessions, Wee Dub’s well-loved Sunday Social is back at Akva in Fountainbridge, where a range of music based activities for children will once again be on offer. The hugely popular Kids Dub Zone gives kids a chance to experiment with the sort of equipment used in dub music production, and they will get a chance to experience a real soundsystem in action too.

The festival is also proud to continue their partnership with Edinburgh College, where music business and production students are offered the chance to volunteer at the festival and gain some insight into one of the best- regarded music festivals in the city.

For full artist profiles and more general information, go to:

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